Traditional General Knowledge: List of the First in India (Misc.)

List of the First in India (Misc.): I have already discussed the First name list regarding Man & Woman in India as well as in the World. This is not enough for competitive examinations. In this article I am picking the the name lists of Miscellaneous topics, those are going to be very important in the purview of competitive exams. Then friends go through my article and memorize the following names. I can assure you that this will be very much beneficial for you.

List of the First in India (Misc.) given below –

This name list is very important in the point of view of Government competitive exams.This section is suitable for aspirants preparing for SSC CGL, SSC 10+2 level, SSC 10th level and State Level Examinations of various states.

» The First place where Atomic bomb was exploded: Pokhran (Rajasthan)

» The First Nuclear Reactor of India: Apsara (1956)

» The First Hydel Power Project of India: Sidrapong (Darjeeling)

» The First Surface to Surface Missile: Prithvi

» The First Nuclear weapon carrying submarine: INS Chakra

» The First Nobel recipient Scientist of India: C.V. Raman

» The First Indian Submarine: INS Cauvery

» The First Atomic Power Station of India: Tarapur (Maharashtra)

» The First Open University of India: Andhra Pradesh Open University

» The First Air Force in Asia to fly Jets: Indian Air Force (1948)

» The First Book in any Indian Language: Tamil (Printed in 1578)

» The First Census of India conducted in the Year: 1871

» The First Cinema House in India: Elfinstone (Built by J.F. Madan in 1907 in Calcutta)

» The First complete Technicolor Film: Jhansi Ki Rani (1953)

» The First English Newspaper in India: Bengal Gazette (Printed in 1780 by James Hicky in Calcutta)

» The First Film Center of India: Nandan, Calcutta (September, 1985)

» The First Film with all female cast: Marathi film Bindhast, Directed by Chandrakant Kulkarni

» The First General Election of India held on: 1952

» The First Marine National Park of India: Jamnagar

» The First Moonlit Animal House in Asia: Nehru Zoological Park, Hyderabad

» The First Talkie Film of India: Alam Ara (1931)

» The First Teleflim of India: “Sadgati” directed by Satyajit Roy

» The First Wind firm of India: Mandvi, Kutch in Gujarat

» The First Satellite of India: Aryabhatta, April 19, 1975

» The First silent feature film of India: Raja Harishchandra, Directed by Dada Saheb Falke on 3rd May, 1913

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