Traditional GK: List of Parliament of Different Countries

Parliament of Different Countries: In the field of competitive examinations you should careful about your country as well as the all other important nations of the world. With our common sense we know that our country is India. And the name of our parliament is “Parliament” consist with “Lok Sabha” and “Rajya Sabha”. But when question asked about the parliament name of Iran, Sri Lanka and other country then we find our-self at the deep ocean. Due to the very high competition level the scenario of General Knowledge level has become more and more complex. Please don’t be worry about, in this article we are going to publish the name list of the parliament of the important nations. In the competitive exams randomly asked questions from this topic.

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Traditional GK: List of Parliament of Different Countries

List of Parliament of Different Countries is the another segment of Traditional General Knowledge. Wish you all the very best for your competitive exam preparation. Lets start your journey towards the list of Parliament of Different Countries, and find yourself one step ahead from the other in battle ground of competitive field.

» Sri Lanka: Parliament
» United Kingdom: Parliament (House of Lords & House of Commons)
» Australia: Federal Parliament (House of Representative & Senate)
» New Zealand: House of Representative
» Pakistan: National Assembly
» South Africa: House of Assembly
» Greece: Chamber of Deputies
» Bangladesh: Jatiya Sansad
» Myanmar: Pyithu Hluttaw
» Nepal: Rashtriya Panchayat
» Oman: Monarky
» Afghanistan: Shora
» Argentina: National Congress
» Bhutan: House of Commons & Senate
» China (Mainland): National People’s Congress
» China (National): Yuan (National Assembly)
» Denmark: Fol Keting
» Germany: Bundestag
» Ireland: Dail Eireann
» Iceland: Althing
» India: Parliament (Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha)
» Iran: Majlis
» Israel: Knesset
» Japan: Diet
» Maldives: Majlis
» The Netherlands: The States General
» Norway: Storting
» Poland: Sejm
» Russia: Duma & Federal Council
» Spain: Cortes
» Sweden: Riksdag
» Switzerland: Federal Assembly
» Tiwan: Yuan
» United States of America (USA): Congress (House of Representative & Senate)
» Algeria: National People’s Assembly
» Austria: National Assembly
» Brazil: National Congress
» Canada: House of Commons
» Egypt: People’s Assembly
» France: National Assembly